17/12/11  Title splash.. first two levels are complete. Ready to record a video of gameplay.

06/12/11  More detail. Plants, garden furniture.

04/12/11  Latest level, space shuttle! Low gravity time! Lots still to do

04/12/11  Multicolour underground base... and an end of level Plastisaur!

04/12/11  The layout of the first level, and a closer image of the house. Stats: 6622 Vertices; 9849 Linedefs; 18472 Sidedefs; 3410 Sectors; 1677 Things. A clear indication that I need to find other things to fill my time..

04/12/11  Cakes aplenty.

04/12/11  Hot air cakes. Cake air balloons. Hot cake balloons?

04/12/11  Lots of development on first level. I said it was nearly done before, but I have been tweaking it a lot. New and simplified sky and completed road. Changed the floating 'constructs' above the keys into cake shaped hot air balloons.

04/12/11  The first boss.. a massive cat with massive missiles.

04/12/11  About time I posted something new. Lots has been done, including this boss arena.

18/10/11  More delicious colours. Key doors. Hope to get a 'complete' first level soon, then will upload a video.

15/10/11  Editor screencaps. House has a roof (finally), and introducing elements such as new keys and doors. I aim to use only textures and graphics that I have made, apart from generic items (health pickups/ammo/weapons) to keep the feel and gameplay of classic Doom but within a completely new world.

06/10/11  More textures. Very happy with how the stairs came out.. it took a long time to work out the best way to do it.

04/10/11   Bought 4.5kg plasticine today. It's model-making time!

02/10/11  Trees and new skybox for Doom Project.

02/10/11  Tree Sprite for Doom Project. Adding more detail in the outside environments is starting to bring the world to life.

30/09/11  Screenshot of Doom Project. Tals Hous.

30/09/11  Screenshot of Doom Project. Tunnel.

30/09/11  Screenshot of Doom Project. Meteorite crash site.

30/09/11  Screenshot of Doom Project running. My house.

30/09/11  Sprites for Doom Project.

30/09/11  Second character for Doom Project.

30/09/11  First character graphics for as of yet unnamed project; modified version of Doom